Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) can help improve the operational efficiency and consistency of security teams by automating repetitive and predictable tasks, systemising workflows, and orchestrating activities between dynamic and distributed IT environments.

By integrating hundreds of different IT and security tools, SOAR can serve as the command center for security and IT teams to collect security data, collaborate in real-time, standardise proven procedures through playbooks, and automate security operations.

Prioritise what matters

Do all the analysis tasks, every time. Be confident that you have the necessary data available when you triage your incidents.

Let automation reduce the noise and handle repetitive, time-consuming tasks so you get to focus on the critical and interesting tasks.

This service facilitates the use of prebuilt and custom automation content packs across a wide range of use cases to help customers save time and operate more consistent.

Why should mnemonic be your partner in security automation?

We have developed and enhanced many automation use cases for our MDR service over the years. Enrichment capabilities, ticket and case management integrations, response and mitgation actions are some examples.

We want to leverage this experience to deliver SOAR capabilities to our customers. By letting mnemonic manage your security automation initiative, the need for internal resources will be reduced and the investment will be lower.

Is SOAR as a Service right for me?

Traditionally SOARs have been seen as expensive to operate, requiring deep knowledge of many security disciplines and technologies, and commonly used by only the most advanced security teams with significant in-house capabilities and budget.

We aim to change this. In delivering our Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services, we operate one of the region’s largest SOCs and have been leveraging security automation for many years. We know first-hand the value and necessity SOAR brings to security teams. With SOAR as a Service, we transfer this knowledge to our customers and provide the necessary expertise and technology to enable more organisations to start benefiting from security automation.


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