During last night’s award ceremony mnemonic won 1st place in the category for organisations with 200 to 499 employees. This is the fourth time mnemonic receives this award in the annual ranking of Norway’s best workplaces by Great Place to Work (GPTW), a global advisory institute that measures and analyses the culture in workplaces. It is also the eleventh year in a row that mnemonic has been in the top ten in the ranking.

When receiving the award, mnemonic’s CEO Tønnes Ingebrigtsen was asked how management works to create a sense of security among its employees. Especially at a time that for many has been characterised by uncertainty and unrest.

Ingebrigtsen highlights mnemonic’s high degree of transparency internally combined with the fact that the organisation has always been profitable all 20+ years it’s existed:

"The IT sector has experienced lot of layoffs. Therefore, it’s been important for us to make sure we invest and grow in a way that provides us a solid buffer to fall back on. We’ve always been profitable, and intend to stay that way. This creates security for everyone at mnemonic," he explains.

"If that was to change, our employees would be the first to know. We are unusually transparent about our status and results internally. Over time, this has built a solid trust within the organisation," Ingebritsen adds.

On stage, Angel Alonso, Team Leader at mnemonic’s Governance, Risk & Compliance department, was asked what he thinks is special about working at mnemonic. He highlighted the opportunities that employees receive:

"From start, you experience an opportunity to grow professionally through the responsibilities you are given, as well as an opportunity to grow personally as you receive a lot of trust," Alonso states.

"At the same time, I also appreciate the opportunity to remain a healthy work life-balance," he adds.

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