Today, after an extensive process spanning over a year and including 33 cybersecurity companies, the municipality of The Hague announced that the European cybersecurity company mnemonic will provide the municipality with Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services.

mnemonic is one of the largest MDR suppliers in Europe. The company has already been delivering these services, providing organisations with the ability to detect and respond to cyber threats, to the Benelux market for several years. Tønnes Ingebrigtsen, CEO at mnemonic, explains that he’s seen a change in the region over the past five years:

“The market for MDR is fast growing. We’ve observed that more organisations are seeing the need for these services now.”

“The Hague has high ambitions when it comes to cybersecurity, and demonstrates maturity in the way they aim to meet the future. We look forward working with them, and contributing to their resilience within the city and as an organisation”, he states.

In the lead

The Hague has established itself in the forefront of cybersecurity, evidenced by the presence of numerous prominent European cybersecurity organisations in the area. Jeroen Schipper, CISO at the municipality of The Hague, explains that as both a smart city and a hub for many of Europe’s most important institutions, The Hague is aware of its special role as a municipality within Europe:

“As the international city of peace and justice, the topic of cybersecurity is vital to us. The Hague has high ambitions and we are therefore looking for partners who are able to realise this with us. In mnemonic, we found a partner that not only has a proven track record in Managed Detection and Response services, but also wanted to enter into a strategic partnership to increase the city's digital resilience as a whole. We look forward to a collaboration in which we bring out the best in each other!”, states Schipper.

Anne Karine Hafkamp, Benelux Sales Director in mnemonic, agrees with Schipper's optimism for the future of the partnership:

“Working with the municipality of The Hague will challenge us with new threat scenarios and problem-solving. We look forward to learn from their experiences, and share the knowledge we’ve acquired from protecting critical infrastructure in Europe, as well as our research and development initiatives making new standards and novel solutions,” she states.

After working with partners and customers in the Benelux region over many years, mnemonic opened its first office in the Netherlands in 2019. mnemonic has been active in partnerships within the region, and is a member of the Europol EC3 Advisory Group on Internet Security, and the EU research project SOCCRATES led by TNO. mnemonic is also part of the anti-ransomware initiative No More Ransom (founded by the National High Tech Crime Unit of the Netherlands’ police among others), as well as a trusted source of threat intelligence to Europol.

“The Benelux is a fast-growing area for us. We see that mnemonic is fitting in perfectly well within the region, and we’re satisfied to add the needed value to our partners and customers”, Hafkamp states.


About mnemonic

mnemonic is a European cybersecurity company headquartered in Oslo, Norway with security experts in all fields within IT and information security. A major part of the company’s delivery is the service Managed Detection and Response (MDR).

For over 22 years, mnemonic has been a reliable provider of effective defence against advanced cyber threats. The company’s vast experience in managing the most advanced threats and incidents sets it apart from the rest of the market. mnemonic is recognised by Gartner as a notable vendor in delivering MDR services, threat intelligence and advanced targeted attack detection.

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