Together with HackCon, mnemonic and other members of the Norwegian security community are participating in Norway’s first IT-SECPRO, the security month for security professionals. IT-SECPRO is a not for profit initiative that will run throughout the month of February.

IT-SECPRO includes the following activities:

  • HackCon 2021 with 12 security related presentations
  • 26 security webinars presented by fellow security professionals
  • 9 different hands-on webinar courses
  • preHackCon: a 2-day course on security topics related to Norwegian security challenges
  • Master of Cyber Security competition
  • Several "meet the experts" sessions
  • Virtual networking sessions

You can read more about the initiative in this Digi article (Norwegian only).

Program for IT-SECPRO

IT-SECPRO runs from February 1st to the19th. Here you can find the complete program for IT-SECPRO.

You can participate in two presentations by mnemonic during IT-SECPRO:

  • “Email is dead – long live email!”, with Ole Kristian Rosvold, Håkon Nikolai Stange Sørum, and Adrian Helle on February 9th 10:30-11:30
  • “Cloud pentesting in Azure”, with Cody Burkhard on February 11th 10:30-11:30

Interested in signing up?

IT-SECPRO is included as a part of your HackCon 2021 registration

To get a discountet price of admission when signing up for IT-SECPRO and HackCon, write “mnemonic” in the comment field (3966,- NOK)