UPDATED December 2017: results of retest show serious flaws in two of the watches.

At the time of writing, the GPS watches featured in the security assessment are all available in both physical Norwegian retail stores and online, and are also marketed under different brand names abroad.

Took control over the devices

mnemonic's tests discovered significant security flaws in three of the four devices tested, which may lead to information about GPS watch users’ location and activities ending up in the wrong hands. The flaws are not technically difficult to exploit, and in two cases, allow a third party to covertly take control over the watch.

“Consumer products are increasingly being connected to the internet and this is resulting in an unprecedented level of data being generated, collected, and processed. It is imperative to be aware of the threats that such products may open up to if security is not prioritized. We commend the Norwegian Consumer Council for bringing this forward”, says Harrison Edward Sand, lead investigator of the technical security assessment.

Download the Norwegian Consumer Council's analysis of smartwatches for children and mnemonic's technical report describing our main findings here.

Below you can watch the Norwegian Consumer Council's campaign video, and an interview with mnemonic's Harrison Edward Sand on the security findings. 


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