Planning, building and maintaining a robust security organisation requires a combination of technological know-how and business expertise. The skillsets required will also change throughout a security program’s lifecycle, and evolve over time.

Many organisations find recruiting and retaining resources to meet their needs challenging and expensive. Whether you need a CISO, security manager, or technical expertise, our experts are available to assist when you need them without the costs or extensive processes associated with hiring discipline specialists in-house.

Our approach

The scope of our CISO for hire service can span from replacing a single employee going on leave or meeting a temporary need, to filling a full security team with a wide range of special skillsets that your organisation requires.

Our experts can help protect your organisation and raise your security profile from the inside out by:

  • Leading security initiatives
  • Creating and anchoring plans
  • Following up risk mitigation activities
  • Identifying and implementing policies and other governance requirements
  • Performing security awareness and training
  • Coordinating and testing plans for handling of cybersecurity incidents
  • Assisting in procurement and outsourcing processes
  • Performing risk assessments

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